Metal Wall Art

Joyboy Enterprise Unique Gifts has introduced iron decorative sports silhouettes that can be hung indoors or out. They are made of steel that is 1/2″wide and 1/4″thick and is fashioned into outlines of athletes in action. They all come with a semi-glossy finish and make an amaing addition to any room in your house. When hung on the wall, they create a three dimensional effect, so they can be placed on any background color for an immediate upgrade in appearance. They can be painted with your favorite team uniform color as well. We call it Metal Wall Art… a perfect wall accessory for sports fans and a great gift item for all ages.

We also carry other unique products as well including magic baskets and leather sports bracelets.

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Shop The Very Best in Metal Wall Art and Unique Home Decor

Metal artwork looks great in every room of the home. There are so many designs and styles to choose from when you decide to decorate your walls with specially made wall art from Joyboy Gifts. You can go with sports artwork, western artwork, animal metal working designs, and more. Decorating with this medium truly allows you to get creative. You can mix and match designs, sizes, and styles to create a look that is unique to your home.